Inside Out: A Guide for Interior and Exterior Design

Embarking on a home redesign project is an exciting journey, one that allows you to express your personal style and create a space that truly feels like your own. Whether it’s a cozy corner of your living room or a complete overhaul of your home’s exterior, each decision you make contributes to the overall feel and functionality of your space. However, the process of redesigning can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to visualizing the end result. This is where modern technology steps in, offering innovative solutions to make the design process smoother and more intuitive.

The Power of AI in Design

The integration of AI in home design has opened up new avenues for creativity and personalization in home decor, but also practical and cost-effective. They eliminate the need for costly professional design services, making stylish and functional home design accessible to a broader audience. With AI, you can explore various design possibilities without the traditional constraints of time, budget, or expertise.

One of the AI-powered tools that offer a unique blend of flexibility and innovation is HomeDesigns AI. With our tool, you have the power to execute a complete transformation of any space, whether it’s a single room or the entire exterior of your house. It provides an array of features that make visualization and design more accessible and user-friendly. Whether you’re starting with an empty room or looking to redesign an existing space, the tool allows you to fill it with furniture and decor items in styles that you prefer. For exterior redesigns, it offers options to reimagine the façade, landscaping, and outdoor living areas, ensuring that the outside of your home reflects the same level of style and personalization as the interior.

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In the following guides, we’ll explore how you can use HomeDesigns AI to design both the interior and exterior of your house:

Redesigning your Interior with HomeDesigns AI

  1. Start by selecting the AI Interiors type.selecting the AI type
  2. Click on Upload Image and select a photo of the space you wish to redesign from your device’s gallery.uploading the image of your space
  3. Choose the Room Type to accurately represent the space you are working on.Selecting the Room Type
  4. Now choose the AI Intervention level you want.
    selecting the level of AI Intervention
  5. Choose between Beautiful Redesign for a more traditional approach or Creative Redesign for a more artistic and unique interpretation.
    choosing the design mode
  6. Browse through the list of Design Styles and select one that resonates with your vision for the space.selecting the Design Style
  7. Choose how many different design options you’d like the AI to generate for you.selecting the number of designs you want
  8. If you have specific ideas or requirements, use the Custom AI Instructions to guide the AI in the right direction.adding custom AI Prompt
  9. Click on Generate New Design and wait as the AI works its magic to bring your ideas to life.start the generation process
  10. If the initial results need adjustments, use the Precision+ feature. Upload the image, use the brush tool to highlight areas for change, and provide specific prompts for the AI.use the brush to select what you want to delete
  11. After making your selections and adjustments, click Generate New Design again to see the updated version of your space, crafted by the AI.

Note: In case you have an empty room that you want to design, you can use the Fill Spaces feature. You can use the brush to select the empty space, then prompt the AI what you want to do in that place and let the AI do its thing.

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Redesigning your Exterior with HomeDesigns AI

  1. Select the AI Exteriors type.choosing the Exteriors AI type
  2. Click on the Upload Image button and choose the photo of the exterior of your house.uploading the photo of your house
  3. Choose the House Angle that appears in the photo to help the AI generate the best results.selecting the house angle from the photo
  4. Select the AI Intervention level that you want the AI to interfere.
    selecting the AI Intervention you want
  5. Choose either Beautiful Redesign for classic redesigns or Creative Redesign for more unique and artistic interpretations.
    Selecting the Redesign Mode
  6. Explore and select your preferred design style from the Design Styles list.Selecting the Design Style for the exterior of your house
  7. Indicate how many design variations you’d like the AI to generate.
    selecting the number of designs you want
  8. Provide specific instructions or preferences using the Custom AI Instructions feature to steer the AI in your desired design direction.
    giving custom AI instructions
  9. Click on Generate New Design and allow the AI some time to process and present your design options based on your inputs.
    initializing the process of generating new designs
  10. If the house needs refinement, use the Precision+ feature. Upload the house, highlight the specific areas with the brush tool, and input detailed instructions for the AI to follow.using the Precision+ feature
  11. After making your adjustments, click on Generate New Design once more to view the final AI-generated redesign of your room.


The ease and flexibility that these tools bring to both interior and exterior redesign are transforming how we approach personalizing our living spaces. Looking ahead, the future of AI-powered design tools promises even greater possibilities. We anticipate more sophisticated features, deeper customization options, and even more seamless integration of AI with our personal design preferences.

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