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Introducing HomeDesignsAI API

Integrate the World’s Leading Home Design AI Technology in Your

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With HomeDesignsAI API, you’ll unlock endless possibilities to reimagine and transform any home interior, exterior, or garden using AI.

Common Use Cases for this API

White-Label Integration: Your Brand, Our Technology

Harness the power of HomeDesignsAI without the branding.

Redesign Interiors with Beautiful and Creative Modes
Easy Deployment

Our API is designed for seamless integration into your platform, allowing you to offer state-of-the-art home design AI solutions under your own brand name.

Fill the room with furniture using AI
Take all the credit

With our white-label solution, your users will experience the innovation of AI-powered home design without any mention of HomeDesignsAI.

Change interiors and exteriors colors with HomeDesignsAI
Seamless Integration

Our API is built for easy integration, ensuring that you can quickly incorporate our advanced AI models into your platform without any hiccups.

Change furniture position and rearrange with AI
Enhance Your Offerings

Enhance your platform's offerings, providing your users with cutting-edge design solutions while maintaining your brand's identity.

Leverage Our Feature-Rich API in Your Business

Discover the Full Spectrum of Features Available Through our API

results when using beautiful redesign with ai

Redesign Endpoint

Quick Inspiration, limitless possibilities. The Redesign Mode API endpoint enables rapid generation of diverse home design variations. Upload an image, specify style and room type parameters, and receive AI-generated designs in seconds.
You can leverage 4 different modes as part of this endpoint.?

change colors for home interiors and exteriors with AI

Precision+ Endpoint

Pinpoint accuracy for laser-focused customization. The Precision+ API endpoint offers a built-in brush tool for element-specific modifications. Ideal for projects requiring high levels of customization, this feature ensures seamless blending of changes with existing designs.

fill the room with furniture using ai

Fill Spaces Endpoint

Bulk Designing with full Control.The Fill Spaces API endpoint allows for the mass addition of furniture and decorative elements. Specify areas for AI interaction to maintain control over structural elements like windows and walls.

stage and showcase furniture in any design style

Decor Staging Endpoint

This module leverages AI to revolutionize the display of furniture and decorative items. Ideal for interior designers, furniture makers, and homeowners, this feature allows for the staging of products or visualizing new purchases in different settings.

an empty room with furniture removed

Furniture Removal Endpoint

Designed for realtors, homeowners, and decluttering enthusiasts, our AI Furniture Removal module transforms cluttered spaces into blank canvases. Our AI will digitally clear out all the furniture, providing a clean slate for new design ideas or property listings.


HD Ultra Enhancer Tool Endpoint

Comprehensive design refinement:  The HD Ultra Enhancer API endpoint combines high-resolution upscaling with automatic enhancements to image clarity and lighting. Elevate any design to superior quality with a single API call, perfect for delivering polished, high-end outputs.

an empty room with furniture removed

Sketch to Render Endpoint

Transform sketches into realistic renderings:  The Sketch to Render API endpoint effortlessly converts your design sketches into detailed, lifelike 3D visualizations. Ideal for completing architecture and interior design tasks, this tool brings concepts to life with just a single API call.


Material & Color Swap Endpoint

Efficiently modify materials and colors:  The Material & Color Swap API endpoint allows you to alter the textures and colors of various design elements. Ideal for a range of applications from home renovation to commercial design, this tool provides instant visual feedback on how different materials and hues can transform any space.

fill the room with furniture using ai
an empty room with furniture removed

Sky Colors Endpoint

Enhance outdoor aesthetics effortlessly:  The Sky Colors API endpoint lets you modify the sky in any outdoor or landscape design image. Ideal for architectural visualizations, real estate marketing, and scenic design projects, this tool offers the capability to dynamically alter sky hues and moods, ensuring every setting looks perfect.


Furniture Finder Endpoint

Locate and place furniture with precision:  The Furniture Finder API endpoint helps you identify real furniture pieces within any AI-generated design. Utilize this endpoint to enhance staging and interior design projects, ensuring every space can be built in real life.

fill the room with furniture using ai

Choose the Right API Plan for Your Business

Standard SME Plan
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Billed annually

  • Up to 1.000 API Calls / month
  • Access to Latest AI Models
  • Access to All Room Types
  • Access to All Styles
  • Custom Instructions Function
  • Redesign Endpoint
  • Precision+ Endpoint
  • Fill Spaces Endpoint
  • Decor Staging Endpoint
  • Furniture Removal Endpoint
  • New Furniture Finder Endpoint
  • New HD Ultra Enhancer Endpoint
  • New Color Swap Endpoint
  • New Material Swap Endpoint
  • New Sky Colors Endpoint
  • New Sketch to Render Endpoint
  • Premium Support
  • Dedicated Server
  • On-Demand API Developer


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“I use HomeDesigns.AI to help my clients visualize how their backyard could look like if they hire me for the job. It works flawlessly!”

Vasi Gradinaru
Landscaping Expert

“I needed to replace my living room furniture so I generated a few design ideas with HomeDesigns.AI. I picked my favorite, sent it to the furniture maker and now I have it in real life. Awesome technology!”

Cristian Rama
UI/UX Designer

“I run a real estate agency and a lot of my clients send me pictures with their empty properties. I use HomeDesigns.AI to furnish them automatically. It has become an indispensable tool for us.”

Septimiu Eugen
Real Estate Agent

Common questions

The HomeDesigns API is a tool that allows developers to integrate our home design generation capabilities into their applications. By using our API, you can generate unique and creative home designs for various purposes.

1 API call is equivalent to 1 generated design. Whether you're using the Redesign, Precision+, or Fill Spaces module, 1 call results in one generated design.

To get started, you'll need to sign up for an API key. Once you have the key, you can integrate it into your application and start generating designs.

While we are a small team and it's ideal for clients to have an in-house development team, we understand the complexities of integration. We can negotiate a deal where some of our developers assist in integrating our solution into your system.

Yes, as soon as we introduce a new feature to our platform, we begin the process of incorporating it into the API. This ensures that our API users always have access to the latest and greatest features.

The number of designs you can generate depends on the API plan you've subscribed to. The Standard SME plan has 10000 monthly calls, but we are open to negotiating a deal that fits your organization size.

If you encounter any issues or need assistance with the API, you can reach out to our support team HERE.

The generated designs are available in various formats suitable for different implementation. You can check the API documentation for more details on the available formats. You’ll get access to the API documentation immediately after you subscrbe to an API plan.

We prioritize the security of our users and their data. Our API is built with the latest security standards to ensure that your information and designs are safe.

Yes, the API offers various customization options to ensure that the generated designs align with your specific requirements.

If you need more credits, you can contact us for a custom API plan tailored to your needs.

Yes, our API is designed for seamless white-label integration, allowing you to offer our advanced home design solutions under your own brand name.

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