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Our press page is your go-to source for the latest updates, breakthroughs, and stories of transformation brought to life by our AI-powered platform. From democratising design to fostering creativity, find out how we're making an impact in homes and professional spaces around the globe.

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Press Release #1 - HomeDesigns AI - From Startup to Market Leader For Immediate Release

HomeDesigns AI: Revolutionizing Home Design with AI-Powered Tools

[Timisoara, 07.09.2023] – In a remarkable journey from a visionary startup to a dominant force in the home design industry, HomeDesigns AI has redefined the boundaries of interior and exterior design through its innovative AI-powered platform. With over 6,330 subscribers, more than 476,200 designs completed, and a stellar 5-star rating, HomeDesigns AI celebrates its position as the fastest-growing design and remodeling app on the market.

Empowering Design Enthusiasts and Professionals Alike HomeDesigns AI's comprehensive suite of tools has evolved from a simple room planner to an all-encompassing design system. Users can now generate intricate interior designs, furnish empty spaces, and undertake complete space redesigns with unprecedented ease. The platform's Redesign Module, offering over 50 unique styles including Rustic, Eclectic, and Hollywood Glam, has been a game-changer, allowing for the transformation of any room with just an upload of an image.

Innovative Features for Unmatched Creativity The platform’s latest features, such as the Creative Redesign and Fill Spaces Module, push the envelope further by allowing for complex element integration in designs, encompassing interiors, exteriors, and gardens. The Precision+ module, hailed as the most sophisticated AI-powered tool in the market, enables users to fine-tune designs with an array of proprietary tools for unparalleled customization.

A Look Ahead: New Features on the Horizon Denis B. Madroane, co-founder of HomeDesigns AI, hints at exciting developments underway, including the highly anticipated Décor Staging module designed to enhance the presentation of furniture and decorative elements. With plans to introduce functionalities like AI background and object removal, and improved décor staging, HomeDesigns AI is set to launch another significant update.

A Growing Community of Design Aficionados Boasting over 400,000 registered users, including homeowners, realtors, architects, and builders, HomeDesigns AI is on track to redefine the interior design tech space. With ambitions to reach 1 million users by the end of the year, HomeDesigns AI continues to innovate, offering transformative design solutions that promise to elevate the standard of home design.

About HomeDesigns AI HomeDesigns AI is a leading web-based, AI-powered home design platform, offering a wide range of tools and modules for interior and exterior remodeling. Dedicated to innovation, the platform enables users to visualize and execute their design ideas with an ease and precision previously unseen in the industry.

Press Release #2 - HomeDesigns AI Unveils Next-Gen AI Features Transforming Home Design

For Immediate Release

HomeDesigns AI, the Trailblazer in AI-Driven Home Design, Announces Groundbreaking Updates

[Timisoara, 09.02.2024] – HomeDesigns AI, a leading innovator in the AI-powered home design software industry, is excited to announce a suite of groundbreaking features set to redefine the standards of home design. Building on the success of its comprehensive interior and exterior design platform, HomeDesigns AI is introducing Effortless Editing, On-Demand Object Selection, AI Object Recognition, Enhanced Instruction Compliance, Auto Selection, Materials Selection, and Color Selection. These features are designed to empower both professionals and homeowners with unprecedented control and creativity in their design projects.

Key Upcoming Features: Effortless Editing & Auto Selection: Leveraging advanced AI, HomeDesigns AI will automatically recognize and select objects in uploaded images, streamlining the design modification process. This intuitive feature allows for quick and precise adjustments, enhancing the user experience.

On-Demand Object Selection: Users can switch between this innovative selection mode and the legacy module, offering flexibility and efficiency in design customization.

AI Object Recognition: The enhanced AI model now accurately identifies and labels every object in your images, allowing for meticulous precision in every design element.

Enhanced Instruction Compliance: Expect significantly improved adherence to user instructions for color and material modifications, ensuring designs match the envisioned outcome closely.

Materials & Color Selection: A vast library of materials and textures becomes accessible, with users able to apply them with unparalleled accuracy. Additionally, an expanded color palette and the ability to upload custom colors will make achieving the perfect ambiance easier than ever.

Transforming Home Design with AI These updates underscore HomeDesigns AI's commitment to innovation and its mission to democratize home design. By enhancing the platform's AI capabilities, HomeDesigns AI ensures that professional designers, realtors, and homeowners can realize their vision with greater ease, accuracy, and creativity. "Our upcoming features are a game-changer in the home design space," said Denis B. Madroane, co-founder of HomeDesigns AI. "By further harnessing the power of AI, we're not just simplifying the design process; we're opening up a world of possibilities for our users. From effortless object editing to precise material and color selection, we're excited to see how our community will leverage these tools to bring their dream spaces to life."

About HomeDesigns AI HomeDesigns AI is at the forefront of integrating AI technology into home design, providing innovative solutions for interior and exterior projects. With a user base exceeding 400,000, including professionals and enthusiasts, HomeDesigns AI is dedicated to offering accessible, cutting-edge design tools. Anticipated to reach one million users by year's end, HomeDesigns AI continues to push the boundaries of technology and creativity in home design.

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