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Turn any piece of furniture (couch, sofa, chair, wall decoration and everything else) in an fully product photography in seconds. In dozens of different design styles

Experiment with a Multitude of Styles

40+ Design Styles at Your Fingertips

Modern Contemporary, Scandinavian, Midcentury modern, Minimalism and more - choose from over 40 different
design styles and create an unlimited pool of design ideas. Unleash your creativity with HomeDesigns.AI.

Decor Showcase Magic

Instant Style Transformations for Your Furniture

With HomeDesignsAI, upload an image of your furniture and see it showcased in a variety of design styles and environments instantly. Explore and find the perfect aesthetic without the guesswork. Find customers more easily and sell furniture faster.

Revolutionize Your Decor Staging Experience

Effortless Style Visualization with AI

Skip the hassle of manual styling, complex software or expensive product photography sessions. Use any home decoration or furniture image and revel in an instant showcase across diverse design styles and environments. It's the design visualization aid you've always dreamed of to save time and money.

Step into the New Era of Decor Showcasing

Unveil the Unseen with HomeDesignsAI

Join the vanguard of decor enthusiasts employing AI to revolutionize their showcasing strategies. Venture into HomeDesigns.AI and discover a realm where your furniture potential is fully realized in every design style.

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    New styles added every month. You can request any custom design style.

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Success Stories from Our Users

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from interior designers who have used HomeDesigns.AI to elevate their designs, impress clients, and streamline their design process.

Increase Your Sales with AI-Curated Styles

Engage More Eyes and Ignite Interest with HomeDesignsAI

Presenting your furniture, decorations and manual hand-made objects is now easy and it requires just a few clicks. Get instant visuals that you can use on your website, online shopping, blog, social media and everything else. Transform images of furniture into captivating showcases across diverse design realms, enticing more admirers. Present not just the object, but a journey through different and diverse design styles.

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